by Kathryn Kittinger,  Photographer/Entrepreneur

Sarasota, FL   Monterey, CA                                                                                                                             


 - hidden European garden photo studio that blossomed into a cafe - gift shop dining experience for guests -

{300+/- bridal & baby showers}

{2500+ birthdays}

{3 weddings}

{1 engagement}


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 "One of America's premier children's photographers..." Attitudes Magazine 2008                                                      view slide show                      Kathryn Kittinger - Shoogie Boogies Photography 2001-2008









"This place makes the universe right again.   The atmosphere is posh & cozy - perfect for a leisurely afternoon of catching up or are in for a spectacular experience that will make you feel as special as Fergie vacationing in the Cotswolds." Edible Sarasota, Winter 2010  

"Buzzing along Tamiami Trail...the idea that an enchanting oasis is just paces away would make many skeptical.  Don't be...the bathtub flowerpots and once dripping wax candles frozen in time are just the beginning of this hidden retreat...the Garden Room Cafe' offers the quaint vibe of a a bed and breakfast."  SRQ: Sarasota's Premier Magazine, Nov 2010                              

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From Monterey, CA to Sarasota, FL & abroad, loyal clients commission Kathryn Kittinger to create photographic heirlooms of their children. She photographs in Sarasota & returns periodically to California for repeat clients. Kathryn Kittinger designed her Sarasota photo garden studio and entire property to reflect her Carmel, California roots, where she photographed thousands of children in real world settings, such as quaint gardens, boutiques & bistros.

Today, her property is not only a real working photo studio, but it has blossomed into an actual shopping & dining destination, complete with her own gallery, gift shop, soap room, garden shop & Kathryn's latest creative endeavor - The Garden Room cafe'.   Guests may simply enjoy dining in the cafe' or they may purchase just about everything from the tea pots & the light fixtures to their own custom garden cottage from England.  Kathryn Kittinger is an official distributor of custom garden cottages & can build them anywhere in the U.S. & abroad.


{14.5 year photo history}

 3,0000+ babies photographed

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Shoogie Boogies Photography - Kathryn Kittinger 2006