Double-Decker Iced Tea Pot

Double-Decker Iced Tea Pot


Brew iced tea table side in our elegant double-decker iced tea pot. These are the same lovely tea pots we use for all of our bridal & baby showers.  

Their clean line modern style adds elegance to any event, whether tea for two or a large event.  

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Product Details

  • Glass
  • 3 glass pieces: lid, top pitcher & bottom pitcher
  • Dimensions 9.5”H x 6”W x 6"L
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for weddings, showers and special occasions







Hot water goes in the top & ice in the bottom.   After tea has steeped for a few minutes, pour the hot tea over the ice into the bottom. Let the tea chill for a few minutes, and then pour into a glass with a little ice and enjoy! 

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Position thumb on the back of the lid while pouring to keep lid from falling off & thumb clear from hot water.    Do not put your finger over the hole.

DO NOT put the “Tea Forte” tea bags in a microwave, as they contain a hidden wire that holds on the decorative leaf.   The metal wire is not microwave safe & will spark!  Careful!