White Ginger Pear Tea

White Ginger Pear Tea


Out best selling tea – White Ginger Pear – Serve Iced or Hot

A clean, simple white tea very low in caffeine. 48 individual tea bag infusers beautifully arranged in an elegant gift box.

Each tea bag is pyramid shaped adorned with a decorative green leaf. The leaf is designed to pop out of the lids on our double-decker iced tea pots.

Visit our gift shop in person to purchase these tea bags individually and in sleeves of 20.

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT put the “Tea Forte” tea bags in a microwave, as they contain a hidden wire that holds on the decorative leaf.   The metal wire is not microwave safe & will spark!  Careful!



  • Ginger - mild/subtle
  • Blackberry Leaves
  • Lemon Balm
  • White tea
  • Mallow Flowers
  • Natural flavors